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Hi and welcome to my blog for Freeravin Designs.  I am Scarlet, the artist, designer and CEO of Freeravin.  As of today we have launched our new website with the help of Pure Strategic, an incredible website design/marketing company.

I am a heart centered artist.  I design Boho Chic accessories and I love working with my hands everyday and creating jewelry and art for all of man kind.  My designs come right from my heart and I literally breathe my love of what I do right into the piece I am creating.  I am in love with life when I am working and I am eternally grateful to have this experience everyday.  My intention when I started this company was to create one of a kind hand-made jewelry that the free-spirited woman would want to wear.  I want women to shop my designs free of inhibitions because that’s what life is all about to me.  Being free of negative self talk, being free of the caring of what others think and being free to just be myself because I am amazing.  I am beautiful and sweet and present to other’s needs and I know that you are too.

So as a collective I would love for us all to know internally how beautiful we all are, how special we all are, how sexy we all are and how full of light shinning love we all are.  So know this now, because all we have is now, all we have is this one breath.  Be in love, dance like no one is watching you and when you shop my designs at know that my heart and soul is in every piece I hand make.  My intention radiates through my work and those who have shopped with me and worn my styles know the energy the designs carry, they know that the most important thing in this world is to wear what YOU love, wear what makes YOU feel sexy and confident.  The rest is leaves in the blowing wind.

Stay tuned to my blog, I’ll be posting a couple of times a week on my inspirations and letting you know about what’s new and up-coming designs.  I am in love with Freeravin and I know that if you check it out, you will feel what I mean,


Scarlet Ravin

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