The Naja Symbol, ancient protection adorns you…

Created today in the high rocky mountains in the Freeravin Design studio was a beautiful light necklace adorned with the Naja symbol, an ancient symbol warding off the evil eye.  This beautiful design was said to have come from the Spanish Moors who brought it over to Mexico then it was shown to the Navajo Indians who then began to decorate their horses with the upside-down crescent moon symbol.  The symbol is ancient and light and just wearing it I feel the vibes of protection and meaning.

I adorned this necklace with an asymmetrical design of feathers draping down your torso and hanging low intentionally.  The low hanging necklace looks laid back and sexy to me, which is why the length is what it is.  This amazing Naja Necklace will be available for purchase as soon as the new website at is up and running and waiting for you to shop.  You will have the ability to shop all of our designs either by price, category, element or style.


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  1. I love it. I love the commentary you wrote.

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  2. Beautiful! Filled with your lovely spirit!

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