The Secret To Life…

My partner and I attended a beautiful yoga workshop all weekend long…We learned the secret to life right in Buena Vista, Colorado.  I know you are probably asking yourself, what could it be???  Well, I am writing today because I am ready to share, it’s to Enjoy the Passage of Time.  Super simple, but the overall message for me this weekend was to be OK with what ever happens, to know that I have no control over what the universe is going to hand to me, but I do have control over how I respond to what the universe hands to me.

I have the choice to choose the positive perspective, I have the choice to know that no matter what, I am already perfect.  I am already beautiful and kind and I can choose to be OK with what is happening around me.  Something clicked for me, I had this internal feeling that my mind and body got the message, got the link between breathe, present moment awareness and enjoying the passage of time.

I was given a natural gift when I was born and that was the innate ability to see the beauty in everything.  Whether it’s a tiny rock on the ground shinning with a hint of sparkle in it or a magnificent shooting star there is a playful beauty available to be experienced in everything.  That’s how I feel about all of my hand made creations at, I can feel and experience the unique beauty each piece emanates and I LOVE it.

I brought my designs to the yoga weekend and had a mini impromptu sale and the most loved piece of the whole sale and what sold the most was Playful Kitten a long pair of boho chic style feather earrings adorned with chains.  These earrings adorned a goddess that was attending the yoga workshop with her husband and it was their five year anniversary.  There was so much love in the room, so much bliss and peace to be felt that Ian, my partner and I came home floating in the essence of love.

I am grateful for my life and breathe and I am grateful for the abundance of love and grace in my life.

Long boho chic feather earrings by Freeravin

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