Gypsy Designs

Here at Freeravin we love the gypsy style.  We love the carefree long hair, the long skirts and dresses and the vibe that says ” I am traveling and I am in love.”  That’s what Gypsy means to us and we have created a whole line of Gypsy style designs to embrace that very vibe.  So we designed a new Dream Catcher necklace that has a more subtle gypsy flare to it.  It’s the “Mini Dreams” Necklace.

This necklace is like the other Dream Catcher necklaces except for it’s half of the size and is the perfect addition to dress up a muted work outfit or to add to your long sunday skirt.  It’s feather light and full of beautiful feathers that drape down your chest.  The chain is at 34 inches long which hangs low and allows a laid back vibe to enter your style.

The meaning behind creating a dream catcher as a necklace that you can wear around all day as opposed to a dream catcher that you hang over your bed as you sleep is this:  We dream all of the time.  We day dream, we dream while we are shopping, we dream while we are web surfing…The list goes on.  I know our life goal is probably to gain present moment  awareness but in case we slip and we begin to day dream this necklace will catch all of the bad dreams in the inner web’s of the design and dissolve them from manifesting into this life.  This is a bad dream inhibitor necklace.  So feel free to wear this design knowing that no matter what, the good in our hearts will manifest into this universe and the bad dreams will dissolve into this beautiful, wearable piece of art.

Mini Dream Catcher Necklace

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