Seraphim Fire Winter Photo Shoot.

Yesterday for about 5 hours Freeravin Designs shot with the amazing Regan L. Rouse with Seraphim Fire Photography.  Regan set up stations inside her sexy gypsy house where the models took shots wearing all of the new winter styles Freeravin has created.  The energy was high and the talented eye of Regan shined so bright that our amazing shots were endless.


Here is a picture of our model Liev wearing “Chic Gypsy” and our “Deer Skin Top in Black” sitting up on the ledge of a fire place holding herself up by her toes, she got a core work out on this shot for sure!  We even had a chance to shoot outside with the cool blue night air blowing through our hair.  Big fur coats and girlie dresses adorned the models as the Freeravin jewelry popped out from under the coats.

An entire wedding line was shot as well with Regan in her beautiful wedding dress posing in the new white and light styles for the boho chic wedding goddess.  These shots are beautiful and carry the true vibe of Freeravin, we can’t wait to show you the new shots!!!  Stay tuned for some more sneak previews.

Winter Photo Shoot for Freeravin

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