Farewell to Maya…

I am writing a formal Farewell to the beautiful, one of a kind “Maya the Ram.”  She hung in our studio for only a month but we loved everything about her.  The curve of her nose, the delicate carvings on her forehead, the secret message she held inside…I miss everything!  She is gone, Maya was bought last Friday and was hand delivered yesterday where she will now be gracing a new home, receiving all kinds of attention.

She was the kind of animal that was quiet and reserved, you could tell she was always deep in thought by how quiet she kept so still.  We will continue to cherish her loving presence and send deep grateful vibes to her new caring family.  The new house where she will be living is big and beautiful and I know in my heart she will be happy there.

This letter is not to be all about good-bye’s, this letter is also about hello’s…So let’s all say a warm hello and welcome “Dexter, the Ram” into our studio.  Dexter is different from Maya but beautiful all the same.  He has a louder personality and he loves funny jokes,  his laughter will ring in your heart for hours.

Dexter is the symbol of love.  He has a sweet energy about him and I am grateful to have him by my side until he finds a new loving home as well.  Here at Freeravin we love our animals, we love to cherish, honor and care for them as if they were still living beings.  Their bones are sacred and the fact that they once graced this earth with their wild presence is to be cherished and forever held in the sweet spot of our hearts.  Animals are the symbol of present love, and we worship them.

Good Bye Maya……                                                                                               Hello DEXTER!!!!!!



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