Inspiring New Home Decor

Freeravin Home Decor has expanded…All of the interior design studios here in Colorado show casing our new Home Decor line are giving us the feed back that our designs are a hit!   The hand carved bone along with the beautiful beetle kill wood I use to mount the designs on is a  stunning combination.  The style is a high end boho chic vibe, not the traditional rustic cabin deer rack styles but a one of a kind hand carved spin on something that used to be traditional, but is now exotic.

We have places like Slifer Designs, located in Edwards Colorado and Lodgepole Interiors located in Breckenridge selling our pieces like hot cakes.  I am writing you today to let you know this is a trend that is just starting and the opportunity for holiday shopping is upon us…So Enjoy our Home Decor designs while you can!  We purchase all of our skulls and antlers from local sources and we never get the same thing twice so if you love a piece, buy it now! It may not be around tomorrow…

So come  join us in our Home Decor  shop and see if there is anything special you want to give to someone this holiday season.  There are some beauties to be seen, and remember, if you love it, buy it!!!!

Home Decor



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