Jenn Harris of the Movie Gayby in Freeravin Designs

Connected through a close beautiful friend I began emailing Jenn Harris about the new website and she LOVED our designs.  She picked out a couple of her favorites and I sent her some samples to try out.  In love with “Passionate Strength” the long white feather earrings designed just for her she sent me a picture of her wearing them and she looks amazing!!!

These earrings are completely stunning on the already beautiful Jenn and I feel grateful to have the chance to share this pic with you.  Here at Freeravin we have the intention to empower our wear-ers with the inner strength to wear what they desire. To see anything they love and know internally that they have the self confidence to wear it or “Pull It Off” as I have heard some customers say.

This is your life, your style and your heart.  So if you see something you love, wear it.  If you want to get something but you don’t think you can “Pull It Off” then remember how precious your life is and how short it can be and know internally that you are the only one judging yourself, so let’s all lighten up and wear what we love like Jenn here.  She is an inspiration to wear what her heart desires, with no fear only pure joy shining through her smile.

Thanks Jenn!!!!

Love and Blessings to You!!!!

Jenn is in a Movie called Gayby, and after watching the trailer I know this Movie will be it hit and make millions laugh!  She is a shinning talent and we are grateful to adorn her with the designs we love and feel the inspiration to design pieces just for her.

Jenn Harris in Freeravin Designs

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  1. This is so so great. How exciting. Love Papa

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