Custom Weddings Filled With Love

Here at Freeravin Designs we hand make everything with love.  Our full intention when we make a piece of jewelry is to send our love right through our hands into the piece.  We began making custom wedding designs 2 years ago and we have been beyond grateful to be a part of someone’s special, love filled moment with their life time partner.

Recently we were asked to make a custom necklace and pair of earrings for a woman named Lizzie for her beautiful wedding. She sent me a pic of the dress and told me to use my creativity to create her something totally unique and perfect for her beautiful dress, which was designed by Anna Sui.  For Designer lovers out there who know Anna Sui, it was quite an honor to pair my jewelry designs with her epic dress.  So I designed a long white sea glass necklace that would drape down her heart, light and delicate and not take away from the dress but add to it.  The piece was called ” White Glass Wedding.”

After seeing Lizzie in her dress, at her wedding wearing Freeravin’s Custom “White Glass Wedding” and “Grey Lovers” Earrings custom designed by Freeravin my heart skipped a beat.  She looked stunning and the jewelry added to her shinning beauty.  I felt so honored and grateful that this woman would want me to be a part of her special day, her marriage to the man she loves and wants to be with forever.  The pictures really solidified the grateful feeling that I was a part of her special day, the love that I sent from my hands into my hand made jewelry was felt by Lizzie on a day that is going to be remembered for her whole life.

I am so grateful to do custom design wedding work, and to be a part of someone’s special wedding.  My designs mean the world to me and to be a part of this day is the greatest honor.  So thank you lizzie for sharing this day with me, I am beyond words appreciative and I feel like my designs could not have been a better fit for you and your style.

Custom Weddings

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