Gayby Opening in NYC!

The Movie Gayby opened in NYC last night, and guess what the leading lady Jenn Harris was wearing to her premier….”Citrine Love!”  Yes, Jenn was adorned with a beautiful Freeravin necklace hand made for her and adorned with feathers.  The crystal Citrine is known for it’s protective energy and it also has the capacity to absorb negative energy from our systems.  She looked stunning and the necklace was a perfect addition to her sexy, laid back style.

Being a jewelry designer has brought me so much pleasure, but I feel as though I am mostly grateful for being able to be a part of people’s special occasions.  I love knowing that the love I put into my work is being shared with other’s and being proudly worn, that is the greatest compliment.

This necklace is a beautiful center piece for any outfit and as you can see here on Jenn, it adds a hint of Boho Chic style.  Each piece of Citrine is different so each necklace has a different feel but the overall vibe of this piece is loving, centered and beautiful.

Jenn Harris in Citrine Love

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