Visions for the New Year

It’s very common for people in our culture to want to raise their vibes after the new year.  To let go of things no longer serving us in our best interest and to incorporate new, improving philosophies to fertilize a better life for ourselves.  I love to set goals for Freeravin Designs, It’s a beautiful thing to have something to work towards and grow into.

Recently I have been feeling like just being present to what the Company wants to do has been encouraging enough.  The universe is constantly putting new ideas before me and also putting me into situations where I get to learn and grow from the inside out.  I remember when I started this company and being out and about talking with boutiques and showing new people my designs was the hardest thing in the world for me.  I used to get sweaty and anxious just talking to people about my price points and styles.

Now I have grown into feeling so confident I can talk to anyone about any of my products and art and I don’t have a feeling either way with what the outcomes is.  That I am grateful for and that evolution inside of me happened naturally, no pressure, no setting goals just present evolution, being in the universe and setting the intention to grow and be successful.

Success to me means being present and feeling everything completely, I set my heart on allowing the walls of fear inside of me to crumble with personal experiences I am blessed to have and in setting that intention I have found that I am integrating my inner fears daily and from that I can feel a freedom developing with in me and my Business.

Freeravin Styles are inspired by authenticity, freedom and a fearless style where you feel confident and solid enough with in yourself to be yourself and wear what you love.  I have heard over and over again with woman, “I could never pull that off!”  What does that even mean?  To me it means that one is allowing the outside influences of our demanding culture to take away something that they would have loved otherwise due to fear.  Maybe it’s fear of exclusion, or fear of being disliked but it’s fear none the less.

So I say this to those woman, do you think that you should give the fear you feel more power or do you think you should intentionally walk into the fear with an open heart so it integrates with in you rather then building more walls around you keeping you from what you love.

I will never give fear that power, My heart and I are stronger and my freedom to be myself is way more important then some societal fear.  So believe in your heart, believe in your capability to walk through this world being yourself, completely and once you do you will feel a lightness travel through your being, and for me that feeling is priceless.

Be yourself, Love yourself.
Be yourself, Love yourself.

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