My Heart’s Inspiration…Miss Andrea Moore

I began my life with lot’s of baggage, lot’s of internal things to work out.  In my early twenties I left the typical style of living and went to live at a place called Esalen, an institute in Big Sur, California.  There I went through tons of therapy and many different workshops learning about Gestalt, Shamanism, Gratitude, Love and much, much more.  From there I left to live and work at a Raw food Detox Center that was Zen Meditation based in Ithaca New York.

I lived at Body Mind in a tent out in an apple orchard while learning about raw food and the healing abilities of nutrition.  I loved being out in the middle of nowhere, meditating and practicing yoga daily.  So when it felt like time to come back into society I had a hard adjusting period.  The sounds of the hustle and bustle of Denver drove me mad and the crowded stores and fast paced life that everyone around me seemed to be living left me feeling scared and out of place, but I also knew internally that I had to integrate my societal fears in order to live in peace.  So I found a beautiful little carriage house in the highlands of down town Denver.

I had met Andrea Moore earlier that year at my brother’s wedding in Greece, he hired Andrea to be their photographer and I loved her energy and being around her.  She exuded creative spirit and she looked you right in your eyes when you spoke, payed attention to what you said.  She uplifted me just being around her and she excited me about life which is a feeling I hadn’t felt since the Zen Center.

Andrea invited me to apply to be a resident at “The Detached Garage” where I would create art in her detached garage for 6 weeks working towards an art opening and showing my designs.  Also I was required to teach a community class to people and I chose to teach a class on guided meditation and creating art.  It was all a great success but the most important moments for me during this residency was the bond that I formed with Andrea.  I felt like a scared little mouse when I began my residency and when I left I felt like a Night Owl that could see and create anything I so desired.

We would spend hours talking about boys, life and our dreams in her kitchen while drinking tea.  Andrea could rule this world, I am certain of that.  She has a light inside of her that glows brighter then the sun and when you are in her presence, you can feel it with out question.  She brought me back into my center, she raised my vibration and my self confidence with in myself and my art grew to new heights.

During this residency is when I became inspired to make home decor skull art like “Dexter” and “Boudoir Deer antler Chandelier.”

One of Andrea’s dreams was to be a part of TED, “Ideas Worth Spreading” and to speak for them.  Well she applied and didn’t get excepted months ago and for a woman as amazing as Andrea that really took me by surprise, but I knew in my heart that it just wasn’t her time.  Guess who is speaking tonight at the Denver Art Museum?  Andrea Moore got invited to speak at TEDX woman tonight in Denver!!!!  I am so grateful that one of her many amazing dreams has come true, she is a part of my heart and I want all of her dreams to come true, but this one was a big one!!!!

Here is a picture of Miss Andrea in front of the TEDX poster where she will be giving a speech tonight.  The event is already sold out but I will be sharing her video with you all as soon as it’s posted.  I love you so much Andrea Moore, you are a part of my heart and you are a fertilizer to my growing light and vibration, you mean the world to me and go get them tonight my love!!!!  Go share your heart with the world!!!!

Andrea Moore at TEDX

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