New Winter Styles For The Boho Chic Spirit

Hand made and high end I bring you the four new styles created to enhance your holiday spirit!  These long, and I mean long feather earrings are the perfect gift for any Boho Chic Gypsy Woman.  First I bring to you “Snake Charmers” these super long (10 inches) Night black feather earrings are adorned with bright red feathers to charm the pants of anyone you encounter.  They are completely captivating and when worn the long chains hanging through the design catch the shimmering light and bring in more compliments.  They exude freedom, and you’ll feel it in your heart when worn.

The next stunning design just posted at today is “Black Mamba” these 10 inch long feather earrings are dark black and adorned with black and white stripped feathers to bring a hint of danger and cleverness.  They resemble a Black Mamba in that they are light, silent and completely sexy.  Wear these beautiful long black feather earrings and feel the power of the Black Mamba Snake with in your heart.

Also created and listed today in What’s New are the “Coyote Chaser’s”  These feather earrings are truly one of a kind and are super boho chic.  They hang at 10 inches long and are made with light cream feathers then adorned with bright orange lady amherst feathers.  They have a super bright contrast and the hanging shinning chain that adorns these earrings brings a glimmer and shimmer as they grace the side of your sexy neck.

Last but certainly not least is “The Secret To Life” named that because I believe that the secret to life is love and gratitude and enjoying the passing of time, and these earrings do just that.  They are hand made with love, full of gratitude and when worn you will certainly enjoy the passing of time as you strut around in your sexy, long boho chic feather earrings hand made with love.

I know the holidays can be expensive and if any of these stunning designs catch your heart then know that first time buyers at get 20% off using code BOHO.

So enjoy the holiday spirit and know that we enjoy serving you with designs we love.

Snake Charmers

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