Holiday Spirit Love Filled Sea Glass Necklace

Filled with hand made love and holiday spirit created for you and your beautiful style for this epic family oriented holiday.   Hung on a delicate 20 inch chain holding a ruby red sea glass pendant then hanging down from the main pendant is a Drusy Crystal sparkling and white full of protective energy then hanging lower is a red prayer tassel to add a hint of spiritual nature to this piece.  Named “Holiday Spirit” for obvious reasons this beautiful boho chic sea glass necklace is perfect for your holiday style.

The other epic design made for your holiday heart is “Three Hearts” created and inspired by my partner’s mother.  Miss Linda has been staying with us for the holidays and it has been the most love filled visit.  Her light energy and positive nature is an inspiration and waking up for me, wanting to create a beautiful holiday creation Linda inspired me with the name.  We are like three hearts, Ian, Linda and I staying together loving one another’s company.

Three Hearts” is a deep ruby red sea glass pendant adorned with deep green sea glass to bring about those traditional holiday colors.  This delicate 20 inch chain can be made for you in either sterling silver or 14k gold and looks so beautiful paired with a simple black or simple white dress.

So adorn yourself with these beautiful holiday creations and in the essence of the holiday spirit, use code BOHO at checkout for 20% off your holiday order.  This offer ends December 20th.  happy shopping my loves!

Holiday Spirit

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