The Perfect Stocking Stuffer!

Hello fellow love’s, I just created the perfect stocking stuffer to stuff the stocking of all those you love…The Adorn Anywhere Feather Clip!!!!  They come in either gold or silver and are very simply resting on a lobster style clip that you can hang from just about anywhere.  I have one on my winter coat right now!  They are so light and carefree that they go with anything, it’s the kind of design that will add a hint of color and flare to any outfit.

Great for kids back packs so they stand out in the crowd at school or to replace the zipper pull that fell off.  I even have a close friend that buys them from me to hook to bobby pins to hang them in her hair, the opportunities with these “Adorn Anywheres” is really endless.

So for only $12.00 you get an “Adorn Anywhere” That you can either gift or use for your beautiful Boho style!

Merry Holidays to all!!!

Adorn Anyweres

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