Great Gifts Under $40!!!!

Dear Shoppers,

We have added a new category to our beautiful sexy website and it’s called, “Gift Guide!”  This is very exciting because we have  put all of our beautiful hand made one of a kind creations into one category for you to have a beautiful shopping experience and not break the bank.  Choose from hair clips like “Adorn Anywheres” or beautiful Boho Feather earrings like “Owlettes.”  We also have very simple, very beautiful and delicate Hamsa Blessed Necklaces available for just $40.00 like “Big Delicate Protection” which you can have made for you in either 14k gold or sterling silver.

These designs are all one of a kind and here at Freeravin we are working hard on offering a product to you that’s carefully hand made, one of a kind and we use only the best materials.  We want to focus on supporting our community with prices they can afford while staying afloat so we can continue to offer you beautiful one of a kind creations!

So have fun and enjoy shopping our great gifts for under $40!  And know that here at Freeravin we want you to be happy and adorned with our unique creations so the love in your heart shines bright!!!


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