The Classics Worn By Jenn Harris of the Movie Gayby

Every designer has their staple, their classic pair of earrings that are one in a million yet still very versatile.  That’s what “The Classics” are for Freeravin Designs.  They are a beautiful pair of light and versatile earrings that a woman can wear with practically anything.  The underlying white feathers keep the design neutral and the top golden spotted feathers add a hint of chic style as they shine through your hair.  Adorned with a shinning chain in either 14k gold or sterling silver (Your Choice) that adds glimmer and sexy shimmer to your look.

Jenn Harris of the amazing movie Gayby wore “The Classics” to her last photo shoot and looked absolutely stunning!  They shinned through her darker hair and added a sexy light to her style.  These earrings are sold to you at a deal for $40.00 and come beautifully hand made infused with love and gratitude.  So update and add shine and grace to your style by sporting “The Classics” You’ll truly be surprised how your love grows for this amazing design.  They will travel with you every where and go with every outfit.


Jenn Harris from the Movie Gayby in Freeravin Classic Earrings

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