The Lovely Shiva Rea, Yoga Inspired Styles by Freeravin

Freeravin Designs has a wholesale account in Tulum Mexico at a lovely boutique called “Bazzar” owned and operated by Gonca Gul.  Through this account is where Freeravin began designing for the beautiful and inspirational Shiva Rea.  Shiva found “Medicine Buddha” earrings in the Tulum boutique and contacted me directly for more light designs.

Shiva wearing Medicine Buddha earrings in Tulum Mexico shopping Freeravin Designs.
Shiva wearing Medicine Buddha earrings in Tulum Mexico shopping Freeravin Designs.

After communicating with Shiva about the designs she wanted I created a pair of “Morley” for her and “Shinning Grace” along with some other beautiful custom styles just for Shiva.

I felt so grateful to be contacted by a woman who is making such a beautiful difference in this world bringing an abundance of presence and grace along with body awareness and style.  It is a blessing for me to have the opportunity to design style for her and to be of service to someone I believe in.  I am grateful to share my designs with everyone in this world because when I create something for someone, I feel as though I am sharing a piece of my heart with them.  I am making them a hand made design that I infuse with presence and love and blessings then wrap it up and send it off hoping that my love infused into the design radiates through their life, bringing more and more love into this world.

I love making custom items and getting to know you to create something just right, so please feel free to contact me anytime for any custom item just for you, it would be my great pleasure to create something for you, and for you to spread love around you.

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