Nature Filled Inspiration

Being in Costa Rica surrounded by nature and unique beautiful animals I feel inspired by the natural existence all around us. The populations of trees and animals are so abundant here and so different then what my body and mind is already used to in the states I feel an abundance of inspiration flowing through my heart.

Being surrounded by animals is a healing process for me and brings a greater awareness as to why I love to work with animal skulls in my home decor art.  Animals Bering out the best in me, they fill me with love and unconditional joy pours from every facet of my heart. They love me unconditionally and in return I yearn to do the same, not just to other animals but to all of those around me. Animals have been my teachers lately, they teach me to breathe, stay calm and love through touch. Wen I have physical contact in my life I am calmer, more loving and more centered.  This trio holding a baby ocelot, monkeys, Pizote, petting tapiers and feeling the love just pour out of the tree’s around me I’m filled.

I work with skulls of animals because it allows me to have this feeling of closeness to the animal kingdom that I love and as I carve into their bone, I cherish the life they once had and reminisce on the love they naturally shared with this world. I love their honest nature and their unconditional style.  Their calming energy and their excitement into the unknown.  I will forever be inspired by nature around me and I can only hope that my life is filled with fuzzy creatures, and wet ones!

As we left the animal sanctuary today via boat we swam through a huge pod of dolphins that were chasing sardines and they swam with our boat!  They glided through the water and payed with the ripples we left bend jumping out of the ocean and swimming right along side us. We got to see a mama and her baby swimming in sync and felt their joy emanate out of the ocean right into our hearts. I write today to remind all of us about animal medicine and how if we ever feel down or need hope, we can look to the abundant resources of nature all around us. No need for pills or a beer, just walk right up to the closest furry friend and connect with the love that is glowing right in front of you.

Being in touch with Sweety Bear the Spider Monkey, filling one another with love.
Being in touch with Sweety Bear the Spider Monkey, filling one another with love.


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