HUGE January Clearance Sale!!!

Here at Freeravin we want to offer you the best prices for our uninhibited Boho Chic Style Designs, so we bring you this January Sale!  Our Studio is filled with beautiful hand made and one of a kind styles that are present to adorn you and decorate you with hand made love.  It’s January and we want to share the love by offering you 50% off all products on our online store!  Use code JanuarySale50 at checkout and you will receive 50% off your entire order!

Whether you want to shop for yourself or a friend this sale gives you the unique once a year opportunity to receive our high end styles at half of the price.  We are preparing to make room for our new designs that will roll out the beginning of February so take the opportunity now to jump on this amazing deal!

We have Feather Earrings that are hand made using the highest quality conflict free feathers with solid gold chains and sterling silver chains.  We have Deer Skin tops that are the perfect sexy addition to any wardrobe, also recently used to go over your favorite yoga pants as they are adorned with feathers and the long tie in the back makes them a versatile addition to wear as a skirt or a top.

Necklaces filled with blessings and love adorned with Hamsa Pendants to protect you throughout the day and bring you luck as you walk the path your heart longs for in this life.  Sea glass, feathers, solid gold and sterling silver make these designs the high quality Boho Chic look the uninhibited woman is going for.

Maybe it’s time to re-decorate your house?  Enjoy our full line of Boho Home Decor  using animal skulls hand carved and mounted on the most beautiful wood your eyes have ever seen.  We honor these animals as we bring them into our homes and place them in a high traffic zone enjoying their presence daily.

So in gratitude and thanks for the wonderful year of 2012 I would like to offer this sale!  Happy Shopping and be prepared to be in love!

Enjoy our many designs, all high end all hand made.  No two are alike, Happy Shopping!
Enjoy our many designs, all high end all hand made. No two are alike, Happy Shopping!


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