The ability to imagine and grow is a beautiful aspect of being human.  Being human means we get to make mistakes, we get to grow into the full versions of our being that we wish to be and we get to excel!  We are such a complex creature filled with wonder and the ability to create something from nothing.

Freeravin started in a tent, in the middle of an apple orchard.  I was living and working at a Zen Raw Food Detox Center called Body Mind Restoration Retreats located in Ithaca New York.  Service work, selfless service work serving people with serious physical ailments recovering from cancer and other life threatening dis-eases.  When one serves in an environment like this you gain the opportunity to realize what’s really important in this life, with out having to actually suffer through the dis-ease yourself.  Which in my opinion is a priceless gift, not to mention the beautiful friendships you make with other staff members working side by side, through thick and thin allowing what ever problem you feel like you have that day to wash off your back because when you open your eyes and look around you, you can see that your actually quite blessed.

This is a perspective I have nurtured and cherished over the years feeling an abundance of gratitude for having the chance to serve in this epic environment.  I sit and try to bring in this gratitude of feeling blessed and virtually problem free into my life whether I feel as though my life is full of problems or not because at the end of the day I am blessed, truly and abundantly blessed.  I have a family that will stand behind me through any storm whether they agree with my choices or not, I have a business that started from a tent and has grown to be sold in many countries and many states in this world touching the hearts of all those my designs encounter.  I also have the ability to imagine the immense possibilities of what I can do and become in this life which feels like a hint of magic flowing through my veins.

I am beginning to reach out to a woman in Argentina who has been touched in her heart by my designs and wants to spread them to a boutique she loves, not asking for anything in return just a beautiful woman with an open heart wanting other’s to feel the love for my work as she does.  Which has sparked a beautiful feeling inside of me, a feeling that has allowed me to imagine the immense possibilities of a expansion through the entire world.

I have stopped to think, what does Freeravin mean to me?  What are my dreams for my designs and what kind of impact do I want to have in this world?  I feel clear for the first time in two years of where I want my company to go, and the lives I want to bring love into, through my work.  I can feel an entire circle of kindred spirits coming into my life with an open heart and a huge smile saying, “I love what you do, I love your sensitivity and unusual spirit of your designs and I would love to help you get the word out!”

These are the blessed angels that have begun to trickle into my path not only helping me business wise, but giving me an internal confirmation that I’m on the right path, and I am thriving.  I am beginning to spread my wings bigger and wider then I ever have before in my life and as any artist in this world knows, what you make through your heart and from your hands is a part of you, whether it’s a piece of jewelry or a painting.  It’s a moment where you have let all of your guards down, open your whole spiritual heart to the public and said, “This is who I am inside, this is what I am here to share with you and this is my true self!”

That’s a huge statement, one of a sensitive nature and very close to the soul, to have those words and heart felt creations confirmed by other’s I don’t even know around the world has brought me into a sense of grace.  I feel so aligned with the universe and my purpose in this life that I know my creations will expand into this world, touch the life’s of other’s and allow me to live the life I have always been dreaming of.  I am blessed.  I have chosen to imagine the possibilities of what I want my life to be and they are being confirmed.

In gratitude,

Scarlet Ravin

At my 2012 Winter Photo Shoot, Feeling Inspired and Full of Love.
At my 2012 Winter Photo Shoot, Feeling Inspired and Full of Love.

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  1. You are really something. I loved this blog. I savored every word. Love Papa

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