The Many Paths

Freeravin is in love with sharing our true intention about our product and just what goes into the Freeravin brand.  Wanting to choose a path that I feel is right in my heart so that when I lay down at night I feel at peace with my thoughts, words and actions.

So in all of my hand made designs I choose to only use conflict free feathers, I choose to buy materials from Native Americans that have trading posts I can shop in and support the energy that I believe in.  I choose to re-use and re-purpose everything that nature has already given us, materials from the earth that would otherwise go un touched.  Using Feathers from birds that were given a life, not raised stuck in a cage.  Feathers from birds that die naturally and aren’t slaughtered just for their feathers.

In this light I know that I am re-purposing something that nature has already given us and woven that beauty into something I dream of creating in hopes that it will one day adorn a god or goddess with something beautiful, one of a kind.  My interior designs come  from nature using animal skulls and sheds.  While I work with this treasured and honored material I give many thanks back to those that passed on their bones and other beautiful matter purchasing all of my animal skulls from Native Americans supporting their families and life style.

So thanks, thanks to everyone and everything that has been a part of Freeravin so far, it’s been a true pleasure and I am honored to present what my heart creates.

Working here with Regan of Seraphim Fire Photogrpahy
Working here with Regan of Seraphim Fire Photography

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