Gratitude Gathering Contest First Entry!

I would like to take the time to share with you our first entry into the Freeravin Gratitude Gathering Contest.  Just to fill you in if you haven’t already heard, Freeravin is asking people to share their thoughts, feelings, writing, pictures or anything else that represents gratitude to them.  All entries are to emailed to

Then as February closes all entries will be posted on Freeravin’s FaceBook page and the entry with the most attention will receive any Freeravin Designs Sea Glass Necklace of their choice!  Our intention with this gathering is to bring about what is already present in each and every one of us, Gratitude.  Whether we believe our life is hard right now or easy, full of love or lacking love, at the end of the day I believe that Gratitude is available to each and every one of us all of the time.

Through this practice we bring  more joy into our hearts and it spreads through our bodies and back into our lives spreading the attitude of gratitude through other’s around us as well.  So our first entry came from Ellen Kohn, an amazing woman who is incredibly gifted with animals and has been a long time Freeravin client.


I am so grateful to be alive during this time. The waves of new energy are so exciting, and every day brings vibrational changes to each of us and our Mother Earth. I am also grateful for the abundance in my life including the clean air, water, and natural beauty that surrounds us.

It is an awesome time to be alive, and I feel the gratitude each moment.


I love this piece from Ellen, I find it to be so beautiful, Inspiring and straight from the heart.  Thank you ellen for this, we are in love with the love you feel.

Gratitude Lives In All Of Us

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  1. This is exactly the 3rd posting, of your blog I actually browsed.
    However I actually like this specific one, “Gratitude Gathering Contest First Entry!
    | feathereddharma” the best. Thank you ,Felicia

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