Our Weekly Favorite

Highest top seller of the week is….“Divine Protection” a beautiful necklace created for the Divine Goddess in all of us.  This design hangs gently on a 18″ chain holding a raw amethyst crystal, with a tier of feathers holding a protective Hamsa pendant from Tel Aviv, Israel.  This piece was created with the intention to bring you a boost of Boho into your style but also to bring you a boost of positive and loving energy.

The amethyst crystal is one of awesomeness, it as been known in ancient Egypt to protect one from self deceptions as well as bring about an openness in in one’s energy centers.  It is known as a power stone as it amplifies positive personal power, this stone has also been used as a meditation and is positively perfect for wearing in jewelry, carrying over your heart through the day.  When you wear a necklace like this with the crystal right over your heart center, know that you  physical body as well as your spiritual bodies are absorbing and thriving from the energy being omitted from the crystal.  It is a beautiful experience that happens behind the scenes of this thick physical world, whether physically felt or not your heart knows what it feels.

The Hamsa is an ancient symbol bringing the wearer protection from the evil eye and any other negative vibrations around you.  It is a symbol to be hung in a new house or over your heart making a clear runway for you to walk down, clear of anything negative and disheartening.  It also brings with it a beautiful blessing, one filled with love and abundance making it possible for all of your greatest dreams to come true.

These are the thoughts and feelings behind this creation which has been so popular this week!

Try out your own “Divine Protection” necklace and see what transforms in your life!

Raw amethyst Crystal with feathers and Protective Hamsa pendant, in your favorite Boho Chic style!
Raw amethyst Crystal with feathers and Protective Hamsa pendant, in your favorite Boho Chic style!

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