Home Decor Roll Out For February…

New designs have graced the Freeravin studio, from our hearts to yours.  Hand made and all one of a kind we bring you new and unique styles that are perfect for any boho chic, gypsy home.  They have a western vibe while being chic all at the same time, mounted on stunning and vibrant beetle kill pine wood, these pieces are going to arm your heart.

“River Deer Rack” is a stunning white deer rack mounted on the most colorful piece of beetle kill pine.  The color contrast makes the deer rack pop right before your eyes.

Stunning White Deer Rack for your Boho Chic Home
Stunning White Deer Rack for your Boho Chic Home

The next new design is “Arizona the Bull” this hand carved Bull skull is mounted on beetle kill pine wood with organic designs all over the skull.  This is the perfect one of a kind piece of art work for any home.

Arizona the Bull Skull
Arizona the Bull Skull

Last but certainly not least I bring you “Spells Antler” a naturally shed elk horn mounted here on beetle kill pine wood.  This piece is the perfect rack for coats, scarfs, or anything else your heart desires.  Or use this piece as a center piece above your favorite couch or bed.

Spells Elk Antler
Spells Elk Antler

So enjoy our new pieces hand made and one of a kind just for you, dress up that home you live in with the wonderful natural elements we have hand crafted into art.

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