Why Are You Here?

I woke up this morning and watched a short film narrated by Alan Watts, provoking the thought of what one should do with their life.  Should we work a job we don’t like to have money to live a life we don’t feel satisfied with?  Should we choose a profession just for the money so that we can live a high end life, but then can we really enjoy it?  Can we completely  enjoy the life we lead?

Why do we do what we do?  Is it because of the money or because we love what we get to do when we wake up, like we feel our presence contributes to the good and beautiful in this world.  Do our thoughts, words, actions and deeds help to contribute to the ending of suffering of other’s in this world?  That is what I choose to ask myself.  Why am I here?  Why do I run and design for Freeravin?

I want my presence to help other’s, I want the lightness that I feel in my heart (When I feel it) to seep into the lives of other’s, I want people to wear my designs and feel the quiet, subtle, loving energy that I infused into each piece.  I want other’s to know that I whole heartily believe that I am here to help and infuse love into my life and others.

When a teacher asks her students, what would you do if you could do anything in this world and money was no object?  And do you have the strength and perseverance to do that in this world?  We are all being raised in a world where many will tell us to be practical, many will tell us to balance our dreams with reality in order to survive we must pursue something realistic, something that will support us.  If we do that, pursue something realistic then are we dying inside?  Is it really worth it when your laying on your death bed thinking, well I was realistic with my life, but I never felt my heart sing.  Or I did what I thought was right but I never fallowed my heart.  This to me is dying a small death on the inside of our bodies, following anything but our hearts is like walking a path created by someone else.  Following in the footsteps of others out of fear laking the strength to speak up when something doesn’t feel right.

These suggestions of having a realistic career may have been effective and necessary in the past, but I feel like this world and the people in it are entering into a new age, an age where our hearts and love is what matters most.  We have the space now to leave the age of necessity and to enter into the age of really pursuing our dreams and hearts desire.  I believe we can drop our baggage from the past and walk into our dreams of a beautiful age where the universe supports us, when we walk in line with our dreams and desires for a better self and world we get rewarded with a life filled with magic and love.  A life when we lay our head down on the pillow at night we feel a sense of ease and gratitude naturally fill our bodies.  This feeling, this “On the right path” feeling is priceless to me and I choose to never give up on my dreams.

Times get hard, but that just makes the success all the more worth it in the end.  I would rather die today knowing that I tried to accomplish what other’s felt was silly and impossible then walk in the shoes of other’s knowing that I was shutting out the voice of my heart.  If Im going to struggle through my dreams then I’ll struggle with the knowing that the struggle is a lesson, a beautiful feeling of work heard by the universe.  I know that my efforts will pay off in the end, either in money or in the feeling of strength, giving my internal dreams a chance to be heard.

I have been in jobs where I feel my internal system dying, I can feel my insides shrink when I wake getting dressed for something I know is a means to end.  I want my day now to be filled with inspiration and love.  I want to feel my heart pound with excitement knowing that I have a platform to create something beautiful for someone to wear and feel more and more in love with themselves.  I want to be here knowing my presence is helping other’s in some small, tiny ways that bring love into others.

So take a moment to ask yourself, why are you here?  Why do you do what you do every day?  Are you filled with love and excitement over your life?  My hope is that you are…

Love Filled Moments...Make a Lifetime of Joy
Love Filled Moments…Make a Lifetime of Joy

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