Unique and Spiritual

Freeravin is a unique and spiritual brand bringing you one of a kind designs that have a spiritual essence to them.  When you buy Freeravin your not just buying a piece of jewelry, your buying a piece of energy that’s infused with love that you have the ability to wear through out your day.  I went to yoga yesterday in Breckenridge Colorado and wore “Prayer Mala” which is a very unique piece made with 14k gold or sterling silver and weaved into the chain are jasper mala beads filled with blessings and love.  To finish the piece there is a red prayer tassel reminding you of the sweetness in your heart.

These pieces of jewelry bring about a sweet nature in those that wear it and see it, they are delicate and made with pure love.  Your supporting not only a small business owner with great dreams, but your supporting the universe in allowing those to succeed that are following their dreams.  I am inspired by artists like Morley, a musician and beautiful friend who spreads her light all over this planet buy singing songs that light up her heart.  I love her passion, love her message and I want to send my energy to her and goddess like her, to uplift this planet into a new phase of love and bring in the true grace that we all really want to feel.  You can follow her and hear more about her music by clicking here….MORLEY  This Goddess will blow your mind!

Walking though this world is beautiful, In Gratitude…

Love Filled Prayer Mala
Love Filled Prayer Mala

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