Hanging Glass Orb Terrariums

New to Freeravin.com….I bring you hanging glass orbital terrariums filled with your choice of sea glass color and either an air plant or a spider plant.  Each orb is customized to what your looking to bring to your beautiful home.  They hang on a clear string and rest gently from any hook bringing your love for plants to a new level.  

Color’s have an effect on our bodies and minds, each color has it’s own particular energy and when choosing a color for your orb try to sit and feel which color you want to bring into your home.  For example, when I am around a light blue I feel such a sense of inner calmness and peace.  When I am surrounded by a lot of red I feel sexy and sensual, and when I am in the presence of yellow I feel cheerful and full of energy.  So what’s your color?

I offer two kind of plants for your orb as well, choose from either an air plant or a spider plant.  What’s the difference you ask?  A small amount of water should be present in all of the orbs but when it comes to the air plant they are meant to live on air.  They never need to be planted in dirt and they come from hot, humid climates where they absorb the water from the atmosphere around them.  They tend to grow naturally on other tree’s and munch on humidity.  So if your looking for a choice that will be low maintenance, yet beautiful I would choose the air plant.  All your orb will need is a little bit of water poured into the bottom about once a month.  Your air plant will grow slowly, very slowly but it will also eventually have babies!  That’s right, in 2-5 years you could have two new babies to care for!

The spider plant is a beautiful choice as well, placed inside your orb will be one spider baby, it’s a smaller version of the large hanging spider plants we tend to see in nurseries.  The baby can grow roots in water and over the course of a few months you’ll watch your baby spider fill the bottom of the orb with white roots.  At this point your spider is going to need to be planted in dirt where it can grow into adulthood.  But in only a couple of months in dirt your baby spider plant will begin to produce it’s own babies for you to then put back into your orb!  It’s a full cycle of life!  The care instructions when choosing the spider plant will be adding more and more water depending on how much your baby drinks.  You’ll have to keep the orb full of water so this plant has a chance to grow big beautiful roots.

Enjoy the new home decor options from Freeravin.com and know we are here to serve you and your sexy style so please come back soon for more new designs.





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