The Alchemist

Alchemy is a beautiful and special practice, its science but it’s also unseen in many ways.  It caries with it a mystery most of us wish we understood, and the rest of us allow the mystery to pass us by.  I created “The Alchemist” to bring a new necklace that carries with it that same mystical energy, that same mystery that we all long to grasp.

Hung on a very delicate 18″ chain are two Drusy crystals, on the top of the design and the other, much smaller dangling below.  In addition to the Drusy is a Hamsa pendant from Tel Aviv, Israel.

Drusy is a very special crystal to me, with in each Drusy is an energy that balances us from the inside out.  The crystal also energizes while we remain balanced as not to burn our selves out or not enjoy the experience enough, a fine balance.  The art of being balanced is a fine line in this world and each one of us has a different balance meter we adhere to.  I love knowing they I have a beautiful shinning crystal around my neck that is going to aid in the balancing of my energetic system.

The Hamsa is a pendant from the Middle East and it is traditionally given to someone when they move into a new home.  The hand will protect the home from any negative energy from entering and it will also bring a blessing.  The hand is a symbol of blessing in many practices including Buddhism, Hindu and to all the Yogi’s out there it’s a well-known high vibrational pendant that blesses every step we take.

I created this peace for all of the spiritual beings out there  and I am grateful to share this new design with you today.  So try it on, feel the good vibes while staying delicate and chic with in your style.

Sexy Drusy Crystal Boho Necklace for the Love Filled Being
Sexy Drusy Crystal Boho Necklace for the Love Filled Being

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