Favorite of the Week

Freeravin has been growing and growing and we love to bring you the news on what’s hot for the week!  This week’s winner goes to….“Tibetan Rain” a beautiful design inspired by the light spirituality in Tibet.  I imported antique Tibetan pendants with turquoise inlay and blessing symbols including the OM, and the full chant Om Mani Padme Hum.

Om is a mystical symbol and considered the most sacred of Mantra’s.  A Mantra is a word or a sound which aids in concentration during meditation.  The Om is the vibration of a higher power, or a universal power.  Whatever your belief system maybe everyone can benefit from chanting Om as the vibration of the word itself has been known to open ones Chakra’s and heal one’s heart bringing you closer to your higher self.

The chant Om Mani Padme Om is associated with the Bodhisattva of compassion.  A  Bodhisattva is a person who has reached Nirvana or enlightenment and chooses to stay here on earth to teach those who are suffering in hopes that they too will reach Nirvana.  Om is the vibration of the universe, Mani means Jewel or Bead and Padme means the lotus flower which in Buddhism is the sacred flower.  This mantra is traditionally carved into rocks or written on paper then put into prayer wheels which is said to increase the overall effects of the mantra.

So needless to say, this necklace holds a deeper meaning than what meets the eye.  Both symbols are beautiful and have a stunning meaning to those on a spiritual path, those that choose to just wear something that is beautiful with tons of history will love this design as well.  The turquoise inlay is delicate and the color is brought out by the two tiers of hanging sea glass that adorn this design.

The last symbol incorporated into this necklace is a Hamsa pendant brought in from Tel Aviv, Israel.  The Hamsa is a traditional symbol protecting one from negative energy and also bringing in blessings to the wearer.  This necklace will adorn your neck in an element of high fashion along with a deeper spiritual meaning that will fill your heart.  It’s no wonder it’s been such a high seller this week!

Choose from either 14k gold or sterling silver, this design is traditionally made on a 20″ long chain but if that feels to long or too short for your liking please feel free to email me, Scarlet and I will be more than happy to customize the chain length for you.

Spiritual Designs For the Fashion Conscience
Spiritual Designs For the Fashion Conscience


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