Gypsy In My Blood.

There is a gypsy sensation in my blood line, and after having my astrological chart read to me yesterday it’s now official, I have gypsy in my stars as well.  During a chart reading one has the ability to find out all kinds of interesting things about one’s life, traits, characteristics, strengths, things one needs to work on.  I found out many things but one that I found interesting is when the astrologer said, “You have Gypsy in your chart, you love to learn and travel, soak in what is around you then move on, like a gypsy.  have you spent much of your life learning and traveling?”

Interestingly enough, I have.  I march to my own beat and travel constantly even though most of the time when I return from travels I say to myself, “I am not going to pack another suit case for a long time, I am sick of it!”  Then a month or so later another trip is planned and booked and I am off, learning, growing, and searching.

I have been searching for sometime now, really setting the intention to learn and grow and travel, allow my being to evolve as much as possible in this life and soak up what knowledge has been laid down for me to learn.  I began the “Gypsy”  collection on my website because I was drawn to the Gypsy style, their freedom and beautiful dressing style, their symbols and dancing style…It’s all an attractive visual for me and my heart.  So the Gypsy collection by Freeravin Designs began, and I started my collection with “Gypsy Heart,” a long flowing necklace with a symbolic Hamsa on it, blessing one on their travels and protecting them from negative energy.  It also has feathers, beads and sea glass symbolizing peace and inner freedom.  It’s a lovely necklace and is worn by young and old.

Gypsy Heart, The necklace for the sexy traveler.
Gypsy Heart, The necklace for the sexy traveler.

Second design added to the collection was “Wandering Lover” which is very similar to Gypsy Heart, but the Hamsa design is a little different.  This design rests gently on a long 32 inch chain and has the symbolism of the Hamsa inside of it as well, with many blessings and protection available to the wearer along their travels.

The Wandering Lover, Gypsy Necklace.
The Wandering Lover, Gypsy Necklace.

Another design added to the Gypsy collection which has been extremely popular is “Chic Gypsy” which is a beautiful piece of clear quartz hung on a delicate sexy 20 ” long chain, the quartz will absorb any negative energy you encounter along your travels allowing your heart to stay open and your freedom to be fully expressed.  The design has hanging chains that drape down your chest allowing for the look of a long neck line to grace your style.

Chic Gypsy, the long sexy necklace for your open heart.
Chic Gypsy, the long sexy necklace for your open heart.

These are just a few of the many beautiful pieces I have created for the Gypsy collection at so if you have Gypsy in your blood and birth chart, try traveling through your day wearing one of these Gypsy inspired designs and see how the symbolic energy enhances your day, your open heart and your own inner freedom.

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  1. Great writing-I love reading your blog. Particularly how you weave your daily life experiences into a message.

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