Super Hero Outfit Creation Begins…

Artist/Designer Scarlet from Freeravin Designs has been asked to participate in an amazing photography project created by Seraphim Fire Photography.  This project that Regan created is a beautiful one in which she chose 17 woman who are super hero’s in their lives, living lives of inspiration, filled with magical powers.  She has guided each of us to create our own super hero costume in which she will photograph us in our own unique chosen spots.  She is also going to photograph us in our everyday lives, doing what we do daily, dressed in our normal clothing.

I feel blessed to be a part of this opportunity and I have spent hours creating the most beautiful super hero outfit that inspires me to share with you all.  It’s one of style and grace, and it’s true to my innate nature.  When Regan was speaking with me about this project she made a point to say that my super powers are so close in line with my everyday living that she really wanted me to make a definite division between the two for the shoot.  As I created my Super Hero costume I began to understand what she meant, I created a Freeravin inspired super hero with feathers, chains, deer skin and added the flare of my other business, White Fox Holistic.

I am learning about my true nature through the creation of my costume, I am learning about my healing abilities and how they can be exemplified with the making of a costume.  I am also watching my Freeravin Designs flourish with this internal inspiration Regan created for me.  My true life is led through each of my business’s and I wanted to share a sneak peek of my costume I created.  These designs will never be for sale, for I will need to have them handy to bring them out in the night so I can shape shift into my super hero persona and help save the world.

Super Hero Costume Creation Sneek Peak...
Super Hero Costume Creation Sneek Peak…
Updates of the Full Photo Shoot Coming Soon...
Updates of the Full Photo Shoot Coming Soon..


The business of being a light worker comes in many forms and I am blessed to have such a large circle of loving, like-minded friends around me to keep the internal flame of higher vibrations alive.  Let us all connect to the true super hero inside of every one of us and know that anything is possible…




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  1. Wow! My beautiful White Fox Super Hero! Love your costume and love you, my angel!


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