Spring 2013 Photo Shoot…Enter into your inner Goddess

The Spring 2013 photo shoot for Freeravin Designs took place today on a hill-top, with beautiful deep-rooted magical tree’s and stunning Goddess’s.  The cloudy sky gave way to a sweet energy as photography Kelsey from O.N.E. Oak Photography shot us all wearing new and earthy Freeravin Styles.  The scenery was perfect to bring back the inner Goddess for all of us, playing with healing herbs, smudging one another with sage, hanging out with skull art work…

Spring 2013 Photo Shoot Location
Spring 2013 Photo Shoot Location

The main attraction seemed to be the huge dead tree that coiled up the sky, it brought with it an array of bullet holes like it was straight out of the wild west.  I have to say out of all of the photo shoot locations Freeravin has shot at, this one had the most soul.  It was like the land had known millions of stories over millions of years and the surrounding tree’s knew the stories as well, dead or alive.  There was a quiet calm that lingered in the air through out the whole day even though we were laughing and playing as we took pictures, there was something sweet lingering in the air.  Almost as if the earth was breathing on us with a freshness and lightness of spirit.  We hung “River, the Deer Rack” on the giant dead tree and marveled at the perfect addition for tree.  It sat lightly on the trunk and added an earthly element to the whole shoot.

Beautiful Vibes...
Beautiful Vibes…

The models were dressed sexy laid back Goddess style with Freeravin accessories brightening up the dresses.  The new designs for spring are subtle yet firm, they stand out on the perfect simple outfit and bring freeness to your heart.

Model Maddie Looking Stunning
Model Maddie Looking Stunning

This is just a mini preview of the beautiful photo’s to come, so stay tuned and enjoy the general splendor!





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