Lets all be A Sexy Goddess!!!!

For all of you beautiful woman out there that are doing some soul-searching I wanted to write this blog to you.  I feel like the world is changing and the feminine energy is starting to grow.  Soon the world will be filled with more sweet, loving, nurturing energy and we will all embrace one another in love, and gratitude, as it should be.

Be the Sexy Goddess your meant to be...
Be the Sexy Goddess your meant to be…

Feeling this energy grow and evolve around us let’s take a moment to love and honor our own divine feminine within ourselves.  Let’s feel the sexy spirit awaken in each of us and lets walk through our lives with grace and love.  There are many around us that want to bring us down because our lights are shinning so bright, and then there is also those around us that want to help us grown and evolve.  So choose who you want to surround yourself with, and accept nothing less than divine in your life.

Being a sexy goddess is a great gift and when you walk with your authentic self shinning then you inspire all of those around you to do the same.  I am in a practice currently of loving all of those around me and seeking out the beautiful parts of people, rather than what doesn’t sit well.  I believe that all of those around us are doing the best they can with what they know.  I feel like we have no part in any kid of judgment as we don’t know what other’s have been through in their own life, the struggles and pain they have had to feel and the storms they have had to weather.  So open your heart rather than your eyes and know internally that your heart sees deeper and in more truth then our eyes or minds.

So open your heart to the sexy goddess that lies within and know that you are a blessing to this planet, your smile raises the vibration of others and your open heart inspires more hearts to open, so enjoy life in Love and Gratitude!




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  1. This is really beautiful. Did you watch the link to the video I sent you?

    Sent from my iPhone Darlene Ravin 303-929-8877

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