Sale of the Week

Freeravin is offering a special sale running this week only!  “White Prayer Tassel Mala Necklace” is going to be priced down from $95.00 to $55.00 and offer ends April 3rd.  This design is the perfect prayer filled addition to your spiritual jewelry wardrobe.  It hangs at the perfect length of 28″ around your neck, sterling silver chain adorned with jasper wooden mala beads blessed and wired in for the perfect delicate mala vibe look.  A white prayer tassel finishes off this necklace hanging right below your heart bringing the essence of peace and love to your day.

The prayer mala’s worn by yogini’s and yogi’s everywhere are around to be blessed and infused with your loving, positive energy.  This necklace is no different, so wear it to your yoga practice and infuse this design with the loving intentions you wish to carry throughout your day, then feel the vibes enhance the rest of your day as the necklace exudes the positive energy you infused it with.  This sale is to give those in love with Mala’s the chance to try out the Freeravin style.

Enjoy yours this week at $40.00 off!

White Prayer Mala
White Prayer Mala

Offer ends April 3rd, so get yours while supplies last!


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