New for Spring

Freeravin Designs brings you something new and wonderful for spring!  Created in style I bring you tiny sea glass pendant necklaces like “Cobalt Love Drops”, “Emerald Love Drops”, “Tiny Amber,” and “Tiny Sea Drops.”  These beautiful delicate designs are the perfect addition to your spring style, they bring a hint of color and a lightness to go with any outfit.

Hung on a 16″ chain in either 14k gold or sterling silver, your choice then bottled, yes bottled for your pleasure.  In a tiny 3″ bottle I put the necklace, then ship it to you!  It makes for the perfect gift for spring or mothers day, and adorns your neck with the beauty of Freeravin’s Bohemian style.  These necklace are one of a kind to Freeravin, and loved by all.

Cobalt Love Drops
Cobalt Love Drops

So dainty and delicious that you’ll want one in each color!  When you are ready to pick out the color you  love try to think of what makes you happy, calm and full of love.  I know that when I wear cobalt blue, I feel like I have a lightning bolt of energy going through me helping me stay energized throughout the whole day.  When I wear amber I feel subtle and sexy, like I am being viewed by all around me but in a subtle way.  When I wear emerald-green I feel like my heart is open and filled with love to share with all those around me.  So there is meaning in every color and try to tune into what means the most to you, what do you want to feel through out your day?

Tiny Sea Glass Necklace in a corked Bottle!
Tiny Sea Glass Necklace in a corked Bottle!

Here is what you’ll get with your purchase!  Your beautiful sea glass necklace bottled and corked then sent to you to enhance your lovely spring style!  Happy Shopping!



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