Sexy Bohemian Secrets

What’s the secret to being a totally sexy bohemian goddess?  I’ll tell you, its walking through your day feeling the confidence radiate from your insides through you own personal style.  It’s about knowing that your beautiful inside and out and feeling confident in the style you chose for that day.  When we dress ourselves in garments that are too tight or too short we pull at them all day, or continue clothing adjustments to the point of frustration but the beauty of style is to feel comfortable as well as sexy.  Too feel like you could wear what you’re wearing for 1,000 years and still know it’s hot.

Here at Freeravin we love to think of our styles as enhancers, a piece of jewelry to rest on top of your chosen outfit that is going to add a hint of sexy and freedom to your style.  Each piece is a piece of art work, made by hands with the intention of sending love through art right to you.  So the energy of freedom and an open sexy bohemian art carries right from our jewelry onto your body, then glows into your day.  Our jewelry is one of  a kind, styles that ae not seen anywhere else so you can wear any piece in confidence that it’s sexy, original, hand-made and there fore well made to last you a life time.

“Oneness” is the perfect example of a sexy design we have made to add to the bohemian beauty style.  With its bright cobalt blue sea glass draping down your chest pair this necklace with a low-cut dress or a v neck shirt and bring a color into your life that shouts freedom.

Oneness, the sexy bohemina necklace
Oneness, the sexy bohemian necklace

Another piece we love is “Athena” these very sexy grey, white and ginger stripped feather earrings are adorned with glowing chains in either 14k gold or sterling silver and hang weightless down your neck.  They bring a hint of sexy gypsy into your style and remind all those around you, that your here to live your life and express yourself.

Athena, the sexy gypsy feathered earrings
Athena, the sexy gypsy feathered earrings

Maybe your going out for the day and you want to spice up your yoga pants with a sexy deer skin skirt adorned with feathers and chains to add a hint of bohemian sexy to your spiritual style, well we have “The Black Deer Skin Wrap Skirt” just for that!  This skirt has an easy tie in the back to suit many sizes and is adorned with flowing feathers and shinning chains in either 14k gold or sterling silver.  This skirt looks so sexy over any pants, yoga, leggings, jeans…The list goes on!

Black Deer Skin  Skirt Adorned With Feathers
Black Deer Skin Skirt Adorned With Feathers

So shop for your heart here at Freeravin and know that your intention is going to carry you through your day, so what do you want to feel today?




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