Abundant Blessings From Nature

Nature is the most amazing, beautiful gift I feel I have ever experienced.  It’s a beautiful presence all around us all the time that when we just choose to open our eyes and enjoy we can be filled with much inner peace and strength.  I am in love with the scenery in Northern California, the green tree’s and constant blooming flowers completely take me into a state of inner peace.  After two hours of yoga this morning i sat out on a beautiful terrace and watched the bee’s drink nectar from a wisteria blossom and it felt like everything was right in this world.  Everything was experiencing its perfect place and I was a part of it.  My body was relaxed, my mind was present and the natural gifts all around me were nurturing my soul.

nature11It’s an epic experience to have felt such peace inside of me at this time, and I am truly grateful for it.  I am grateful for my beautiful friends all around me loving me and nurturing my dreams.  I am grateful for the beautiful bountiful earth and all of the creatures that live along side us.  I am grateful for my sweet loving partner and his loving support, I am grateful for my family and beautiful gifts they bestow upon me constantly.

My life is blessed and I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone, all of my internal inspirations and loving supporters, i feel blessed for the life I have created and I look inside to be grateful for my own internal progress.  Big Love to all!





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  1. Great blog honey.

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