My Sacred, Sacred Space

Traveling to Northern California this past week being surrounded by my soul sisters reminded my of the abilities i have internally to create sacred space and live in a place of openness and love.  I returned home to a sweet house, filled with plants and a beautiful energy.  The day before I left for california I went to a place about 30 minutes away, it’s a rose quartz mine filled with rose quartz crystals and an incredible loving, healing energy.

I spent the afternoon hiking around, gathering stones and bags of rose quartz with the intention of bringing that loving, healing energy into my home.  I put all of the stones into my sink and washed them but had no time to spread them intentionally through out my home before I left.  So as I returned and saw all of these glowing crystal resting in my sink I felt the energy pf sacred space swell in my heart, bringing back what I learned and reminded myself of in California.  Where we live is what nurtures us, sure there are many other factors involved but creating an intentional sacred space to live in is a beautiful way to enhance your energy and grow in love for yourself.  It can also help ground you and enrich the eyes you wish to see things with in this life.

Taking the lead from my goddess’ I just spent the week with I began to spread the stones, creating circles around the base of my plants allowing their healing energy to enhance the rose quartz.  I spread them in rows to the entrance of my home creating an arch of love as you walk into the front door.  This spreading of the rose quartz was a meditation for me as I watched my breath and said prayers of love and gratitude as I placed each stone in its right full place.  I could feel the energy of my home shift as the sprinkling of the stones continued.  It was a beautiful way for me to stay present to the loving energy that filled me all week and bring that intention into this home, miles and miles away.

Then I did a final renewing clearing with sage and rested on my couch feeling the bliss I had just created in my space.  I could feel the intrinsic power we all innately have with in us to create what ever it is we long for in our lives.  I believe that what we wish for doesn’t have to be obtained in a complicated manner, but can be well received in the most simplest forms. I am beyond grateful for this earth and the beautiful healing stones she shares with all of us, I am grateful for my loving home and the filling energy it provides me and I am grateful for the beautiful beings I have in my life that fill me to the brim enhancing my love for myself, and in turn I share that love with others.

I feel this sacred energy when I create designs for Freeravin, I sit and breathe and infuse my designs with the love I feel in my heart, knowing that when a goddess  puts on a piece of jewelry she is not only looking to enhance her style, she is looking to really enhance her inner energy and feel the full potential of her being.  She is enhancing the love she has for herself and bringing about a confident energy that will only bring more good and love into her life.

I am grateful to share this with you, and I hope that if your home needs some enhancing that you listen.  because for me there is nothing more special then coming home at night and feeling my sacred space fill me from the bottom up!

Sacred Rose Quartz in My Plants
Sacred Rose Quartz in My Plants
Rose Quartz Circles Healing the Plants and my heart...
Rose Quartz Circles Healing the Plants and my heart…



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  1. Really, really lovely. Such cute photos! Your plants look so pretty and spiritual with the crystals and I think also antlers and a seashell? Very beautiful. 🙂

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