Earth Day Celebration

Mother earth is perhaps the most beautiful and cherished being we have in our lives.  She feeds us and nourishes us, shines beauty into our eyes and shows us the many feats she can perform, inspiring us to grow and expand ourselves.  I feel grateful to be so close to her and honor her the way I do, she is the most beautiful source of pure inspiration!

I open my heart and work with the inspiration from the earth to design styles for Freeravin.  Each piece uses natural products that came from the earth, as I re-purpose them into styles made for any Boho Chic Goddess.  They are all unique and one of a kind and when I create my designs, I always picture a beautiful strong sexy woman, standing out in nature surrounded by blooming flowers with her hair blowing in the wind and the sun shinning down on her face.  Then I picture beautiful flowing earrings draping down her neck and a long necklace enhancing the beauty shinning from her heart.  These visualizations are what give Freeravin the spirit it carries.

Now that a calendar celebration of Earth Day has come, I wanted to reach out to all of my Freeravin Lovers and offer a discount to those that love my designs, and cherish my styles.  In honor of our mother earth and everything she gives to us I want to give you 40% off all designs, home decor and accessories.  Everything on the Freeravin website will be 40% off using code EarthDay at checkout.

I also wanted to let you all know that I am accepting trade, if there is something you are in love with and you want to own but financially times are tight, email me at and let’s talk about the gift that you have to offer to this world, and see what we can arrange.  My intention is to adorn those who love my designs with beauty and self-confidence, so feel free to reach out with any questions, thoughts or desires.

Open Your Heart to the Earth, she will Inspire You!
Open Your Heart to the Earth, she will Inspire You!

Here is a picture of me at the last spring photo shoot wearing “Gun Metal” a long black feather earring with sterling silver chains and a healing Hamsa pendant resting at the end of the design to bring you protection from the evil eye and bless you with abundance.  This earring gives me such a sense of inner freedom when I wear it, it’s light and simple yet exotic and sexy!  I am also wearing “Citrine Love” a beautiful citrine crystal pendant necklace adorned with feathers and a Hamsa blessing pendant dangling at the end of the design.  This necklace is beautiful and carries healing properties with it, the elements of the citrine crystal are known to absorb all negative energies from you and those around you creating a clear path for you to walk down through your day.

It gives me great amounts of gratitude to share these thoughts and heart-felt desires with you!  So have fun shopping and feel free to always email me with trade options!  Here at Freeravin we are open and free to discuss what we please!

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