One More Day For Earth Day Sale

We have offered out a 40% discount to all those in love with the earth and Freeravin Designs!  The earth is a special being and Freeravin Designs is a special company, so I just wanted to take the time to remind you that for one more beautiful day you can use code EarthDay at checkout for 40% off your entire purchase!

Earth Day Celebration
Earth Day Celebration

This includes our fabulous home decor products if you want to spruce up your home with some stunning unique one of a kind pieces of art work like “Luna, The antelope” or “Arizona the Bull” both are beautiful unique pieces that will be the perfect new center piece for your home.  Enjoy your shopping experience, take your time, scroll through the many pages of unique designs and think about what would raise your vibrations.

Mothers day is also coming up soon and this is the perfect opportunity to do a little pre shopping for the most inspiring woman in your life, if that happens to be your mother.  I know my mom has been a guiding light through my life and to gift her with something from my heart on any occasion that arrises gives me a great sense of inner joy and peace.

In Love and Light,


In Love...Freeravin
In Love…Freeravin

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