The Truth Behind Freeravin

Every design I make for Freeravin has a deep meaning for me, nothing is made for looks, all comes from a place with in, an outward expression of an internal feeling that I feel inclined to share with the world.  Starting now, every time an order is placed, you’ll not only receive the piece of jewelry you fell in love with but I am going to include the story behind the piece.  So you heart and soul can tune into the feeling of its creation into this world.  My last order is receiving these messages and I feel inclined to share them with you.

“Gun Metal”

The Gun Metal earring is a waterfall of black feathers with a healing Hamsa pendant on the end of the design.  The Hamsa comes from Tel Aviv and brings you blessings and protection from the evil eye, wearing it through out your day is like wearing a shield of armor over your soul.  The beads are recycled pieces of gun-metal, so they have a strong presence and tough energy about them while the feathers are delicate and sexy, like a soft elegant woman.  I believe all woman are the perfect balance of tough, sexy and sultry.  Giving us Goddess the leg up on all other beings, as we have the power to truly tune into the beauty of this world with the strength of a freight train!  We are beautiful, strong and sexy and when we truly know and believe this of ourselves on the inside, it glows from the outside.  So no worries about our weight, our clothes, know this…Our true power as a woman comes from with in, and we are here to heal and love the world with our special Goddess Energy, so no sense in waiting your time worrying about outward deals that truly are energy wasters, your beautiful, perfect and lovable just as you are.  You are a gift to this world, and I love you.

Gun Metal Single Feather Earring
Gun Metal Single Feather Earring


“Fire Keepers”

Fire keepers are woman who are in tune with their internal fire, their sensual and loving soul.  Woman always have a sense of beauty with in them and when they can become in tune with their sexy side, they are truly fire keepers.  They keep their flames tucked away close to their heart and channel the energy into other parts of their lives in order to inspire and love those all around them.  It’s a blessing and a challenge to be a Fire Keeper, but as soon as you can tune into your fire, your life and the love you have will change.  So wear this design with a full heart, and keep your fire close and channeled into the areas of your life that fill with your loving energy!  You’re a true inspiration to all of those around you, and your blessings shower not only yourself, but anyone in your presence!

Fire Keepers
Fire Keepers


“Florida Yard Bird”

I visited my partner’s sister’s family in Eustis Florida for the first time last May.  She had a ranch with acreage, chickens, roosters and beautiful wild life that pranced through her yard.  I loved all of her roosters and chickens, mostly because I desired their feathers to make jewelry!  One night she told me that when the chickens get tired they roost, and they enter a trance like state where you can walk right into their cage and hold them, and they barely notice.  So we went out late one night for a harvest!  We wore head lamps and brought sandwich bags with scissors, Heather held the chicken while I slowly cut away their feathers, not too much from each one so they wouldn’t notice and feel naked the next day.  We got a couple of bags worth and I brought them into the house to wash them, feeling like a regular old farm girl!  This experience was so sneaky and fun and I loved being with the chickens, knowing where my materials come from means the world to me and knowing that the animals feel no pain in contributing their beauty to my jewelry fills my heart!  So enjoy this Florida creation with pride and joy!

Florida Yard Bird
Florida Yard Bird


“Fire Engine Reds”

I was introduced to a woman fire fighter a couple of years back, she entered into the contest of being a part of the Colorado Fire Fighter Calendar which typically is full of sexy men, but this specific year 2012, they were allowing 2 woman to be a part of it.  So many of the woman fire fighters in Colorado began training, slimming, and tanning building towards the day when they would have to walk down the stage in front of thousands of people and flex their muscles!  In support of Nicole, which is her name I created a pair of bright red feather earrings and wore them to her judgment day, yelling from the crown encouraging her to show her best moves in front of the three straight-faced judges at the end of the stage.  It was a night to remember, the dedication and beauty her body glowed with will forever be burned into my mind!  Enjoy these bright red feather earrings knowing that you can do anything your heart desires, with enough dedication the world is your oyster!

Fire Engine Reds
Fire Engine Reds


“Painted Peacock”

These long beauties were created for my winter 2011 photo shoot, where I wanted to mix art with jewelry and have the two inspirations meld into one.  Big earrings, long flowing feathers and chains that captured the light from the sun.  The painted peacock is a symbol of flaring your beautiful feathers, flashing what hides inside and strutting your stuff!  So be proud and sexy when you wear these beauties, and know in your heart they draw out the beauty inside…allowing all of those amazing souls around you to experience your inner beauty!

Painted Peacock
Painted Peacock


In love,


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  1. Colisimo,

    I know you don’t need to have one thing added to your plate now. That is not going to stop me from recommending to you that you take about 1/2 dozen of your blogs and approach a local newspaper (FairPlay,Sedalia, Vail etc) AND WRITE A REGULAR COLUMN FOR THEM. I think with the slightest of modifications you might be able to turn this into an advice column of sorts. Believe me! Your writing style is exceptional and your openness and gentle observations/guidance are incredibly unique. You have so much talent in so many places that you are going to be challenged to select.

    Love Papa

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