Tibetan Style Blessings

I love the essence of Tibet, as I have yet to visit myself but one day, I know in my heart I will.   For now I settle, working with Tibetan Blessing pendants right from the heart of Tibet.  These beautiful new designs carry with them the essence of love and devotion, they hang almost weightless around your neck and glow right into your heart the wisdom from the loving, caring people who made them.

The smiles of Tibet often grace my mind and remind me to be more loving, present and grateful for the abundance that dances all around me.  I find lately that if I just change my eyes the world changes before me.  If I am in an angry state, then my eyes are angry, not the world.  If I am in a happy state, then my eyes are happy not the world.  The world is always the same, it’s a graceful mirror into my heart that allows me to learn life’s lessons, and grow into a more loving, conscience person.  I love working with Tibetan pendants because I can feel their wisdom in my hands while I hang them on chains and adorn them with Freeravin feathers.  A beautiful woman named Lek took many hours hunting this new batch of pendants down for me, and in gratitude I thank her.

Hanging Abundance
Hanging Abundance

This design is called “Hanging Abundance” and it was created to remind us to watch out for our eyes and try to be present to how they are viewing the world, are they happy, grateful or angry eyes?  The beauty of everything is always all around us and it’s a blessing to be able to see it and soak it all right on up!  This design also dances down your chest with feathers, the feather is a powerful symbol to me, it reminds me of my own inner freedom and it is also a symbol that I am on the right track.  So follow your heart, soak up the abundance laid at your feet and dance naked like no one is watching!


Solo Prayers
Solo Prayers

This design is called “Solo Prayers” and t’s another beautiful reminder coming from the wisdom of the Tibetan people.  It’s a chant that when chanted brings you peace and keeps you present.  Om Mani Padmi Om runs down your heart and blesses your entire being with the essence of all that is one.  It’s also adorned with the symbol of freedom in the form of feathers and the beauty of what’s given to us freely in nature.

It’s my greatest pleasure to introduce these two new styles to you, and in gratitude I would like to thank my mother and father for arranging my life with lek’s and bringing us together so that I might have these pendants to bless you with.

In love




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