Show Mama What Your Working With!

Mother’s day is coming up, and although I am not into Hallmark holidays I do love the fact that one day a year is dedicated to loving your mother and father.  My mother does so much for me, she supports me, talks to me when I am down showering me with wisdom to lift me back up and fills me with the sense of love and support that I cherish.  It’s a day I LOVE to celebrate and I wanted to hook all of you Freeravin’s  up with a super deal to shower your mom with one of a kind hand-made gifts from Freeravin.

My mother loves to wear my styles and when she does, she is always showered with compliments, so I wanted to take the time to show you a few of her favorite designs that she wears with almost any outfit.

“Citrine Love” could be her most favorite design as she does wear it the most, this is a necklace that has the healing energy of a raw citrine crystal.  The Citrine clears away negative energy, while the key words for this beautiful stone are success, abundance and personal power.  “Citrine is a joyful stone with bright energy which lights up many aspects of lives of those who work with it. It has energies of good fortune and good luck, though these may appear in unexpected ways.”  I have also adorned this necklace with draping feathers and a beautiful Hamsa pendant from Tel Aviv, Israel that brings you protection from the evil eye and blessings through out your day.

Citrine Love
Citrine Love

Another one of my mom’s favorites is the “Freedom Leather Wrap” which is a deer skin piece of leather that has draping feathers hanging down on each end.  I can make this design for you in an array of different leather colors so you have the chance to customize this one just for the mom you love.  I can also adorn this design with a healing Hamsa pendant or Tibetan healing bead.  So feel free to email me with your order and I’ll make you something special!

Freedom Leather Wrap
Freedom Leather Wrap

My mother also owns several pairs of my feather earrings, and she wears them often even with her bright red hair bringing out the colors of the feathers, but I would have to say that her favorite pair is “Coyote Chasers” which are a beautiful design, stripped grey feathers with a bright orange pheasant feather on top and flowing chains to catch the light as you dance through your day.  This design is stunning and really brings out the Bohemian in all of us.

Coyote Chasers
Coyote Chasers

So take a moment to scroll through my site, really feeling out what would bring your mother love, protection and a sexy goddess appeal for her beautiful Mother’s day Gift.  and to help you with showering her with something you both love I am creating a coupon code you can use at checkout to save you 20% on your entire purchase.  Type ILOVEMOM into the coupon portion of your checkout and your savings will be automatically deducted.  So happy shopping and love you mom, no matter what day it is!

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  1. Really beautiful. I love the coyote chaser earrings.

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