The Healing Path of the Dhamma…In the Heart of Freeravin

Ahhh….Returning fresh and renewed by the beautiful centering retreat held at IMS in Barre, MA.  This 9 day Monastic Retreat was the perfect medicine for my expanding heart and an enlightening experience for my well-being over all.  I have returned to Colorado with new eyes and an enlivened spirit ready to infuse Freeravin Designs with all of the love and freshness it deserves.

As I was leaving to go on retreat I felt a bit nervous, thinking of sitting and walking in meditation for 9 days, no cell phone, no connection to my company or any aspects of creative outlets can get me a little edgy inside thinking of my energy building up to immense sizes internally and then exploding in some way, but gratefully this did not happen 🙂  I was surrounded by beings just like me and close to my own age which in the past has been quite rare on retreats like this, in Vippassana.  Usually I am surrounded by older more aged beauties, but I met a couple of kindred souls right away and felt heart connections grow inside of me for friends I feel I will now have in my life, supporting my practice and growing in my heart like a wildly beautiful fertilize flower.

I have inspirations growing so vast inside of my at this present moment I can feel the exploding desire to create the most new and forward designs my beautiful company has ever seen, and this excites me a great deal to share these new juicy fruits with the public.  It’s like cultivating a little seed in germination, then planting it and spending days watering it watching a tiny green sprout grow into a budding glorious bright pink flower that touches your heart knowing the seed it came from and the beauty it now so obviously expels.  My bloom is ready to share with you all and once the designs are created in gratitude i will post them.

The Dhamma grew so deep in my heart and wisdom I have been studying and hearing from many other teachers for years has taken root inside of my mind.  The cultivating and training of my mind has begun and through constant mindfulness, always coming back to the Buddha’s wisdom like touching home base before I get to far from my center I set my intention to really grow, inside and out.  To cultivate the kindness and compassion for all living things that I long to feel more often than not and to really walk into myself in a stunning way so my light shines clearly into this world with no gloomy attachments.

It’s really quite incredible to be surrounded in silence with so many beings, sitting in deep meditation, never making eye contact or speaking but feeling closer to one another in an intimate way then I do with many other beings in my current life, in this “real world.”  I found that to be surrounded by others following the same spiritual path is worth more than one million friends or companions not with the same mind or heart.  I was given a note by a very kindred soul on this retreat and it read this, “When the venerable Ananda said to the Buddha that good friendship is half of the spiritual life, The Buddha replied, ‘not so Ananda! Spiritual friendship (Kalyaanamittata) is the entire spiritual life.  One who has such a friend is sure to develop and cultivate the Noble Eight Fold Path.”  This message came right into my heart and opened me to a friendship I know I will water and nourish for many years to come.  It’s these beings I wish to support and have support me as I walk through this whirlwind of a world while trying to stay in my center and remain true to my practice.

The monks that led us into awakening the peace in our hearts were two of the most epic teachers I have yet to encounter in all of my teachings, the way they spoke and the stories they told struck the deepest cords possible internally and entered my soul never to be forgotten.  Ayya Medhanandiand, Ayya Nimmala and Ajahn Punadhammo I bow deeply to you and your commitment to the path and continuing to turn the wheel of the Dhamma.  I have been bitten and the Dhamma has taken hold of me, for I will always come back to it.

Deep and juicy with great amounts of gratitude for this web created platform to share my stories with you all I come home to my studio feeling charged and ready to spread love through my fingertips once again.  Before I left I was pondering going to Hydra, Greece to recharge my creative spirit but through the knowledge I have attained I realize my location physically has no importance, my mental positioning is what must be cultivated.  So as I trim away the fat of illusion I rest in Fairplay Colorado for three more months as I bring you soul inspired bohemian traditional attire.

In love and Light,



Thank you with deep bows to the three kindred souls that I carry with you now deep in my heart…You know who you are…Much, Much, Metta….



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