The Beautiful Goddess of Freeravin

Freeravin Designs are for the uninhibited woman who want to wear what they want to wear, talk how they want to talk and live a life filled with juicy wonder and amazement.  I have had a few orders lately where the beautiful woman wear their designs, then send me pictures of them dressed in their own personal unique style showing me how they pair their Freeravin Designs with their loved clothes…The results are beautiful and endless and I wanted to take the time to share these amazing woman with you here today…

MJ is a long time client and wears all of my designs with no fear.  She is sexy inside and out and has a heart bigger then the moon.  I am in love with our email correspondences when she places orders and she just sent me these amazing pictures of herself in “Painted Peacock” feather earrings.

Mj in Painted Peacock Feather Earrings
Mj in Painted Peacock Feather Earrings

Another Goddess just got married in my design called “Grounded Love” which is a beautiful red sea glass necklace with a blessing Hamsa pendant hanging from the design.  She paired this necklace with a Gonca Gul style dress in white while her red necklace matched the rest of the wedding party.  Jessica has style!

Jessica in Grounded Love
Jessica in Grounded Love



Another beautiful Goddess ordered a custom pair of white feather earrings for her special day, I named them “Feathered Wedding Bliss” they are striking white feather earrings hanging in a double tier design adorning this beautiful woman in a light sexy appeal for her special day!

Louise in Feathered Wedding Bliss Feather Earrings
Louise in Feathered Wedding Bliss Feather Earrings







All of these stunning woman have one thing in common, they wear their unique one of a kind designs by Freeravin with such a unique sense of their own style blended in and they all have the appeal of freedom and love radiating from their hearts.  These designs are intentional, they are all hand-made with love infused hands and are made not just to adorn you, but to inspire you from the inside out, to always be by your side to remind you that your beautiful, you are one of a kind yourself and you have the chance to shine your light every where you go.  Never waste the time or energy holding back from the beautiful being that you are and when you feel drawn…Open your heart and know the universe supports you…Along with Freeravin!!!!



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