Spring is Sexy

Spring is sexy and light, fills our noses with the scent of blooming flowers and brings the colors back into our eyes while we gaze over the land in amazement of what this earth provides us.  An inspiring time calls for inspiring designs, so I sat in my studio today to bring you these new style for spring, so you can adorn yourself with intentional love filled jewelry with a sexy bohemian flare.  Make all the heads around you turn as you bring your style into their gaze and cast a spell on their heart.

“Burnt” is a 12″ long pair of feather earrings with the scent of spring in their air.  These earrings are stunning and out there, for the uninhibited goddess to wear with that simple dress that will leave her standing out in any crowd as the warm weather continues to roll in.


Ready to make all those men around you swoon?  Try out Swoon Away a stunning mix of black and white feathers that drape down your neck in a sexy asymmetrical style with shinning chains and a light appeal that will make your heart feel lighter and your confidence brighter.

Swoon Away
Swoon Away

The necklaces I have created have a spiritual presence as well as the sexy Bohemian style that Freeravin is known for.  These Tibetan Antique pendants adorn 32″ long necklaces allowing the adorning feathers to hang right below your heart.  The symbols bring you a sense of grounding and a constant reminder that kindness, generosity, grace and love is always at your fingertips.  The choice is yours for what you want your life to look like and feel like, so make wise decisions and fill your heart with joy.

“Om Fox” has the classic Om spiritual symbol bringing into your heart the vibration of oneness, along with sexy feathers to remind you that your free to be you, to share your love with this world and adorn yourself with intentional symbols that fill your being.

Om Fox
Om Fox

“Red Fox” is hot.  This blessed necklace has an Antique Tibetan pendant with the eyes of the Buddha, guiding you through this thick world into one that is light and blessed.  Follow your heart and listen to the signs that are glowing around you to find that peace and endless love that one can generate from with in.  Never go with our love, there is no sense in that, sit and feel the love that is endless and inside of your heart always ready to spill over into your life, it will guide you too much happiness.

Red Fox
Red Fox


“Om Village”  is designed with the spiritual vibration of Om, all there is.  We are all connected and on this 14k gold necklace I have connected you with an array of feathers hanging right below your beautiful, bountiful heart.

Om Village
Om Village

Enjoy the new styles and come visit me on Freeravin.com, I always love to have you come and see what im up to and it gives me great pleasure to have the opportunity to share my love and heart with all of you.





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