Super Hero Photo Shoot with Seraphim Fire

Yesterday I woke up with an extreme amount of excitement in my heart, knowing that my amazing sweet friend Regan from Seraphim Fire Photography was cruising up to my neck of the woods for a visit and photo shoot.  I won’t say too much about what she is up to, but she is in the process of documenting woman in a Super Hero style fashion, where we get to design our own super hero persona and outfit and have a shoot based on our creations.

The goal was presented to me a month or so ago and it ignited a beautiful fire in my heart, sitting and thinking of what my super hero powers are and how I can portray them.  I feel like my super hero powers are healing, kindness and compassion and I get to those aspects of myself through being centered and filled spiritually.  When I am in the thick of nature, I can sit by a tree and feel filled by all of the natural elements around me, I feel like I could give endless amounts of compassion to all those around me seeing with clear eyes and an open heart.  In finding this knowing I knew what I was to create for my super hero persona…Which isn’t far off from my “real life” so my costume had to be out there.

I started White Fox Holistic a couple fo months ago, it’s a website and platform for me to offer my services of healing to those around me and it jump started my soul to go back to school and receive more training around what I love and who I want to become in the future.  My super hero is The White Fox.  The being that rests and plays in nature and gains strength from all natural sources around, while being guided by healing elements of this world to share with others.  My costume consisted of white deer skin with other Freeravin elements involved.  I made a bracelet, arm band, head-dress, adornments on my intricate deer skin skirt and top and a porcupine weapon I used only for protecting myself as I am vowed to do no harm to any other living thing on this earth.

White Fox
White Fox

The shoot went well, we trekked through snow over 3 feet deep carrying our supplies on our back with out a visible trail to the Limber Grove forest, our point of destination.  Typically the trail is well-marked and quite an easy trek up, but on this day is was snow packed and confusing, but lead by faith Regan and I knew this was the location for the shoot.  Seeing as it’s my power spot here in Fairplay, CO.  I come here when I need recharging and filling from nature, it’s a forest filled with 1,000 year old limber pines and Bristlecone pine tree’s that have survived some of the harshest aspects of nature available in Colorado.  The winds are high and fast, the weather offers a variety of below freezing, hail, snow, rain and many avalanche style flows of falling rocks from the cliffs above.  We arrived at the shoot location and it looked so different from all of the new stones that had tumbled down from the intense winter we had up here and it added to the impressiveness of what these tree’s have had to survive for 1,000’s of years.

White Fox
White Fox

I perched up in the tree’s, climbed to the edge of cliffs, all wearing my super hero garb, which was next to nothing.  I felt the essence of being an epic woman super hero and I felt waves of gratitude carry me through the shoot for Regan, who created this opportunity.  She is a woman of style and grace and she shows up to photo shoots with a heart of gold and an unshakable sense of faith.  We have a had a couple of photo shoot’s together now and she always arrives with this energy that lifts everyone into this space of knowing internally everything is going to go perfect, no matter what.  That is a talent that is to be recognized in a photographer because we all know, life can throw us curve balls and if we have booked a photographer it’s because we want something special documented, and if it’s something special we want things to go perfect.  Then life happens and things come up and if we fall apart then these things that have come up can throw us off track, but Regan walks in open arms with an attitude of, it’s going to be perfect no matter what and her strong view on this spreads into the hearts of all those around her.  She is an amazing inspiration and if anyone out there ever needs to book a photographer for anything she will capture your event with her amazing eye and spread love and faith of perfection all around as she captures the special moments in your life.  Her company is Seraphim Fire Photography, she will blow your mind!

So enjoy the pics and know there are many more coming soon…

in Love




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