On the Road Again…

Freeravin is off on a beautiful summer adventure!  I am currently packing up my house and loving the feeling that soon I will be free of a town that has been feeling like a dry sponge to my heart!  I’ll be free of high winds and dry lands, free of barking dogs and shut down neighbors!  Freedom is soon approaching and I am off with the intention of arriving in Ithaca New York to serve at a raw food detox center that is Zen based.  This Zen center is the spot of my first teacher of Buddhism and I am so grateful to be coming home to him, his family and his stories that open and expand my heart.

My route will include a stop in Missouri so I can find out for myself just where this state is in the USA and visit a kindred spirit, then it’s me, the road and my amazing car that loves to take me to all of the beautiful places this world has to offer.  I recently went through a very scary family situation, my father was hurt bad and the thought of loosing him shook me to my bones.  He is a rock for the whole family and we all love him with an endless amount of admiration and unconditional loving kindness.  Through his healing and process of coming to terms with trauma I feel we are all becoming closer as a family and really waking up to what is important and true in this life.  What do we really want our lives to look like and fee like?  Because at any moment our breathe can be taken from us and this day may be our last.

Are we happy with our jobs?  Are we excited about our lovers?  Do we love what we do and share with this earth?  I have been asking myself these questions and came to realize I wasn’t happy.  I was trying to make things work from a logistical responsible stand point but my heart has been sad living in Fairplay, a town where spirituality is scarce and there are no centers or classes for heart expansion and meeting kindred spirits.  The second job I picked up was lead by a crew that didn’t care about their employee’s or well being of any one but themselves for that matter and that was so sad for me to be around.

I believe that we are all beautiful beings and we all deserve love and kindness no matter where we work or what we do, and if we are not getting that then it’s time to pack it all up and move to the place that will nurture and fill us and for the next couple of months I’ll be there!!!!  I am beyond excited to cut my ties to Fairplay and move on to the freedom filled love existence I am meant to reside in.  My father was listening to me talk about my life as he laid in his hospital bed and he looked at me and said, “Quit, move, follow your heart.”  His words made me cry and I realized it’s time, the signs are clear and the move will be easy because the stars are guiding me back to the love filled life I have been craving!

Soaring into Freedom
Soaring into Freedom
Soaring into Freedom


I created two new designs to wear on the road, reminding me of where I have come from and also to fill my heart with the freedom and beauty that I am feeling in my veins all the time now that I have made my choice to leave.  Like ten thousand pounds of sand has been dropped from my shoulders and I can dance through my days with a lightness.

“You Don’t Own Me” are long feather earrings stating the how I felt before, like I was owned by a location due to a house lease and owner by a job to pay the bills for the house I didn’t want to live in.  Well guess what, YOU DON’T OWN ME!!!!!  There are always going to be choices available to all of us to change our lives back into one we love and are proud of, but I feel like fear was keeping me from walking away.  No more!

You Don't Own Me
You Don’t Own Me

The next design I created is called “Black Magic” and it’s a pair of long feather earrings that carry with them the energy of manifestation and the internal knowing that we can create anything we want at anytime.  Magic is always with in us and when we are in the flow of the universe we can tap into that magic and really step into the life we want to live.


I wish you the most happy, fulfilling existence available to you, don’t ever stop yourself from living the life you have always dreamed of and never judge yourself if your life doesn’t look like the lives of others as I used too.  Just open your heart and really listen to what your dreams are because one day you may not be able to walk again, or talk again, or breathe.  You have today, this one breathe only, what do you want to do with it?




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