Summer Lovin, Behind the Scenes of Freeravin’s Photo Shoot

I had the blessed chance to work with Circe B of Circe B photography for Freeravin’s summer photo shoot. Circe has worked with clients like Kayne West, Kesha and many more beautiful artist that I love so having the opportunity to shoot with her was amazing! The models came in and we got started by shooting, the vibes were high and the shots started pouring in of Freeravin’s new styles for summer.

The new designs are big, long thick feather earrings either in a single or double style, with a sexy bohemain flare! They looked stunning on the models and fit perfectly with the elegant style that Circe brought.

Behind The Scenes

All of the new styles were captures and after a couple of hours of shooting we wrapped it all up and with huge smiles left the shooting scene. It was Freeravin’s first in studio shoot with working models and it was so different from all of the other shoots we have done I really look forward to seeing how the pics turn out. Circe is so amazing at her job and she knows the photography industry inside and out, having her a prt of the Freeravin Family is such an honor! Thank you beautiful models and thank you Circe B, Freeravin Loves and Cherishes your vibe, talent and style!

Behind the Scenes
Behind the Scenes

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